My Final Week in Interfirm


This is my final week in Interfirm, I will go back to China this Sunday for my univerisity graduation.

Since March 4th I have spent two and a half months in Interfirm. I can still remember the first day I came into the company, when I introduce myself to all people in the company. Time passes by so rapidly, and I learnt a lot from Interfirm, not only the developing skills but also Japanese Culture. Japanese company is quite different from Chinese company, different culture and habit, accept the different and learn from it makes working more meaningful.

During this time, I learnt how to use ruby and rails, and work on Cartube with Mahdi. Then I could have chance to build my own service in one month. It was really interesting experience that I could have chance to realize what I want to do in company, and try some advanced developing tools.

Interfirm is a great company, it has good products and nice working environment. I hope Interfirm would become Japanese No.1 media platform.

Thanks for everyone in the company helped me a lot during the three months, I really appreciate that.